Young Voices is thrilled to welcome 11 outstanding professionals to our Board of Advisors. Our staff aims to actively engage with advisors both one-on-one and with quarterly conference calls, utilizing their knowledge, advice, and network to help our network grow to one of the liberty movement’s most effective media organizations.

Our new board members are:

  • Marian L. Tupy (Cato Institute)
  • Shoshana Weissmann (R Street Institute)
  • Tom G. Palmer (Atlas Network)
  • Sal Rodriguez (Southern California Media Group)
  • Robby Soave (Reason)
  • Ilya Somin (Antonin Scalia Law School)
  • Stephanie Slade (Reason)
  • Matt Kibbe (Free the People)
  • Alexandra Hudson (Civic Renaissance)
  • David Boaz (Cato Institute)
  • Beverly Hallberg (District Media Group)

You can read their bios on our About page.

We’re excited to have them on board!

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