For many years our organization’s podcast, Underscored, has been the primary way in which Young Voices has showcased & readied its talented network of contributors for broadcast media. Hosted by Spokesperson, Stephen Kent, this weekly interview podcast has been a valuable tool & featured numerous great conversations on politics and policy.


That’s why we’ve decided to take it to the next level…..

On Tuesday, Oct 13th  @ 1 PM EST Young Voices is launching a LIVE radio program and podcast series called Moving Forward” with Young Voices with the Fed By Ravens audio network, helmed by Utah talk radio personalities and entrepreneurs Bryan Hyde and Joe Kerry. The show will air live on KTALK, KDXU, and KYAH across Utah and then will be released in packaged podcasts for subscribers. On net, it’ll reach close to 55,000 people. And a plan for growing that audience is in place. 

Airing once a week and spanning 60 minutes, this new program hosted by Bryan Hyde and produced by Young Voices’ Stephen Kent, will feature 3-4 Young Voices contributors on every show to speak about the most noteworthy news of the week + essential & relevant op-ed’s and policy work from our network of talented writers.

“We’re excited to deliver on the promise of Young Voices to our contributors in a bigger and better way than we had ever thought possible. A principled and ambitious growing partner like Fed By Ravens is a perfect match for Young Voices, and I for one am excited to see how Moving Forward helps to build not only our brand but the skills of every contributor in our network as a communicator for the ideas of liberty.”Stephen Kent, spokesperson


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