Liz Wolfe joins Cheddar in NYC to discuss the DoJ and #MeToo (CHEDDAR) – Liz Wolfe

Dirt Boxes: The Newest Government Tool for Warrantless Privacy Invasion (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Dan King

The Neoliberal Revolution of Individual Buying (SPLICE TODAY) – Camilo Gomez

Airbnb Regs Are Bad for Small Towns Too (FEE) – Martha Ekdahl

D.C.’s Wharf Makes the City’s Housing Problems Worse (PLANETIZEN) – Jerrod Laber

Star Wars & politics collide on Kennedy show (FOX BUSINESS) – Stephen Kent

Yale Holds Transcript of Fmr Basketball Star in Title IX Suit Hostage (REASON) – Liz Wolfe

Is There Ever Such a Thing as a Good Coup? (REAL CLEAR WORLD) – Deshani Gunathilake

No, Tax Cuts Don’t Kill People (FEE) – Bradley Polumbo

Conservative Snowflakes Get Protesting Nebraska Instructor Booted From Her Teaching Job (REASON MAGAZINE) – Dan King

If You Want Human Rights, Start with Economic Rights (FEE) – Tirzah Duren

If you want a free and open internet, you should oppose net neutrality (RARE) – Don Lim

Congress Must Offset Disaster Spending (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – Jake Grant

Not Content Punishing its Own Students, RPI Goes After a Visitor (REASON) – Lindsay Marchello

Getting Rid of Mugabe Isn’t Enough – Zimbabwe Needs Change (REAL CLEAR WORLD) – Martin Van Staden

Trump has the right to block you on Twitter (RARE) – Bradley Polumbo

Population Controls Are Ill-Advised and Inhumane (FEE) – John Bianchi

Big Brother Comes to the Bathroom (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Dan King

When it comes to government nannies, Europe takes the cake (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Stephen Lusk



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