Townhall: “The Federal Government’s Bluff on Colorado River Water Shows Why We Need Less Centralization” by Micah Safsten

National Review: “The Inflation Reduction Act Will Hurt the Economy and the Environment” by Amanda Griffiths 

The Federalist: “The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ is Nothing but a Big Pharma Handout” by Kenneth Schrupp

CityAM: “In Broken Britain, a Lack of Vision Could be Starmer’s Gift” by Ben Cope

CounterPunch: “Delta-8 is Legal, but Will Unclear Regulations Get in the Way?” by Jessica Dobrinsky

The American Spectator: “New York, Learn from London’s Mistakes — Congestion Pricing Doesn’t Work” by Jason Reed

Comment Central: “Britain’s Navy is Woefully Underprepared for a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan” by Benjamin Coates

The American Spectator: “Forgiving Student Loan Debt Doesn’t Solve the Crisis. Here’s What Would” by Neetu Arnold

RealClearEnergy: “No the Inflation Reduction Act Won’t Cut Carbon Emissions By 40%” by Ethan Brown

New Statesman: “Why Everyone Loses If Westminster Passes Poor Online Regulation” by Kir Nuthi

Newsweek: “Biden Has Failed to Keep His Most Important Promise” by Benjamin Ayanian

1828: “Truss Cannot Ignore the Need for Renewable Energy” by Calum Paton

CounterPunch: “The Death Penalty Needs Transparency & Regulation” by Finesse Moreno-Rivera

InsideSources: “It’s Time to Take Third Parties Seriously” by Benjamin Ayanian 

The Courier Journal: “What Louisville Can Learn from Kenton County Jail to Stop Deaths” by Erinn Broadus

1828: “Starmer Must Rule Out Any Agreement with the SNP” by Scott Cresswell

Techdirt: “Behind Washington’s Antitrust Gambit” by David McGarry

The American Spectator: “Loss of Queen Leaves Deep Unease Across UK” by Calum Paton 

The Washington Examiner: “New Zealand’s Template for Social Security Reform” by Aadi Golchha

American Thinker: “Effective Opposition to Critical Race Theory” by Torben Halbe 



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