Bloomberg Tax:Taxing the Gig Economy: Congress Made an Improvement But More Reforms Are Needed” by Travis Nix

America’s Future:Is the Republican Party Shifting Toward Socialism” by Cooper Conway 

Washington Examiner:Give Baltimore students a chance to succeed” by Ross Marchand

The American Spectator:New Doc: Blame Cronyism Not Free Markets” by Grayson Quay

Orlando Sentinel: Medicare expansion, rising prices hurt next generation” by Elise Amez-Droz

RealClearPolicy:Seattle’s ‘Democracy Vouchers’ are Brazen Political Corruption” by Nikki West

Conservative Home:Britain’s Net Zero pledges must not cost the Earth” by Connor Tomlinson

Washington Examiner:The CDC’s eviction moratorium leaves legacy of economic hardship” by Caleb Ashley

Beckley Register Herald:West Virginia should welcome home-based entrepreneurs” by Amanda Keiffer

Mirror:Johnson will rob youngsters like me to benefit rich OAPs-and I voted for him” by Tom Spencer

CityAM:Facebook’s $400m acquisition of Giphy could be blocked based on fruitless antitrust claims” by Rachel Chiu

International Policy Digest: Illinois Expands the Nanny State Yet Again” by Sean-Michael Pigeon 

Washington Examiner:Fixing the student loan crisis” by Addison Hosner

Conservatives Global:WHO vendetta against e-cigs is moronic” by Alys Watson Brown

The American Spectator:Don’t Buy Big Tech’s Metaverse” by Laura Williamson

The Virginian Pilot: The PRO Act will affect Virginians’ livelihoods” by Gabriella Hoffman 

Project Forever Free:Even Randi Weingarten Agrees That ZIP Codes Shouldn’t Determine Destiny” by Cooper Conway

Reason:The Dangerous Dream of Zero COVID in Australia” by Emilie Dye 

1828: Zarah Sultana is wrong- taxing the rich won’t fix the NHS” by Connor Tomlinson 

The Hill:Clean energy wins and woes and woes in Biden’s budget” by Jakob Puckett


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