The Article:Why the £20 Universal Credit Uplift Shouldn’t Become the New Normal” by Lettice Bromovsky

CapX:Is Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency about to Upend the Global Financial System?” by Toph Cottle

Townhall:Biden’s State Department Authorizes Ban on Imported Ammo from Russia” by Samuel Mangold Lenett

InsideSources:Yes, Tobacco Harms. But Banning Vaping Harms More” by Elisa Serafini

Fortune:Protect Innovation, Don’t Break Online Content Moderation” by Kirti Nuthi 

International Policy Digest:The CCP Should be Careful with Big Tech Crackdowns” by Lettice Bromovsky and Toph Cottle

RealClearMarkets:Antitrust is Happily Dying Before Our Eyes, and Judges are the Reason” by Brian Albrecht

AIER:Tax Increases Cannot Pay for the Democrats’ Reconciliation Bill” by Travis Nix 

AIER:Angry about Unspent K-12 Education Funds? Support ESAs.” by Garion Frankel

Washington Examiner:There is Enough Money to Close the Digital Divide. Why is Congress Pushing for More?” by Eric Peterson

1828:Should the Government Bail Out Failing Energy Companies?” by Connor Tomlinson 

National Review:Biden Must Ignore AOC and Reappoint Chairman Powell” by Tom Spencer

1828:Let’s Insulate Britain from the Idiocy of Eco-Terrorists” by Connor Tomlinson

Townhall:AUKUS is a Good Start. Now the UK Must Join the Quad.” by Sam Lewis

RealClearWorld:Who Shares the Blame in Afghanistan” by Caleb Franz

CapX:Lifting the Lid on Wheelie Bins and Working Conditions” by Connor Tomlinson 

CityAM: Priti Patel’s Encryption War is a Master Key for Surveillance” by Rachel Chiu 

The American Spectator:Who Will Bear the Tax Burden, Mr. President?” by Justin Begley 

Counter Punch:Regulating Obscenity has Never Worked, Why Do We Think it Will Work Now?” by Dara Macdonald 

Adamah Media:Hands off Our GIFs!” by Jason Reed

RealClearPolicy: Tobacco Taxes Target the Poor. Burn’Em.” by Sean-Michael Pigeon 

The Telegraph:The Labour Left are Showing their Teeth – and Proving they Can Still Sink Starmer” by Bill Bowkett

CityAM:Robot Lawyers Aren’t the Distant Future – They’re Real and Will Revolutionise Trade” by Alice Calder

Reason:Regulators Threaten Coinbase and Cryptocurrency Innovation” by Eric Peterson 

America’s Future:Equity Education Reforms Aren’t the Answer” by Cooper Conway



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