Free the People: “The Republican Party Doesn’t Stand for Anything” by Aaron Pomerantz

Desert News: “How to Heal the Fractured Conservative Movement” by Shakira Jackson

Counter Punch: “The Supreme Court is Not Above the Law” by Natalie Voit

Sun Sentinel: “DeSantis Sacrifices Free-Market Principles for Authoritarian Ideology” by Addison Hosner

CapX: “Britain is Plagued by ‘Sitcom Governance’ – A Lesson in Storytelling Could Fix It” by Alex Petropoulos

Washington Examiner: “The Credit Card Competition Act Declines to Protect Consumers” by Mike Viola

Spectator Australia: “Dear Employer: Leave My ‘Personal Development’ Alone” by Frances An

Washington Examiner: “Statecraft, Soul Craft, and Freedom Conservatism” by Alexander Salter

Desert News: “How ‘Gentle Parenting’ Fosters Fragility” by Elizabeth Grace Matthew

The Vital Center: “Let Elected School Boards Live!” by Garion Frankel

The Daily Caller: “Finally, A Dem Mayor Embraces Sane Homeless Policies” by Jill Jacobson

Washington Examiner: “National Archives is Politically Compromised” by Juan P Villasmil

The National Interest: “Guyana’s Oil Boom Attention of Global Energy Powers” by Roy Matthews

Responsible Statecraft: “Columbia’s Petro: Let’s Bury the Violent Drug War for Good” by Joseph Bouchard

Orange County Register: “Gov. Gavin Newsom Should Sign Bill Decriminalizing Psychedelics in California” by Sophia Hamilton

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Allowing Open Enrollment Could Revitalize Missouri Schools” by Tyler Curtis

National Review: “Republicans Should Let Deposit Insurance Proposals Die” by Tyler Curtis

The Federalist: “The Supreme Court Shouldn’t Let Governments Get Away With Impounding Innocent People’s Property” by Jill Jacobson

Washington Examiner: “Biden’s Student Loan Plan Saves Colleges, Not Students” by Neetu Arnold

USA Today: “Trump and GOP Turn Off Young Voters. Here’s How Republicans Can Appeal To Them” by Jonas Du



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