Wall Street Journal: “How Animal Testing Harms Humans” by Elise Amez-Droz

International Policy Digest: “Innovation is the Future Unless We Muck it Up” by Jason Reed

Sustainability Times: “Better Housing Can Help Fight California’s Devastating Wildfires” by Elijah Gullett

STAT: “Better Use of Health Savings Accounts: Less from Singapore” by Elise Amez-Droz

Boston Herald: “Maine’s Heating Oil Crisis About to get Worse” by Roy Mathews

Jewish News Syndicate: “The American West Should Look to Israel for Climate Solutions” by Alina Clough 

CapX: “To Replace a US Trade Deal, Britain Should Form an Economic Union with the Commonwealth” by Scott Cresswell

International Policy Digest: “The United State Needs to Blunt China’s Messaging in Africa” by Alexander Jelloian

National Review: “The FTC’s Aggressive Stance May Harm its Only Constituents” by Sean Michael-Pigeon

National Review: “An Administration of Deficit Hawks? Not So Much” by Jack Salmon

Chicago Sun-Times: “We Must Rein in Violent Crime to Help those Who Need Economic Opportunity” by Joshua Crawford

RealClearHistory: “The Trans Movement’s New Trotskyist” by Roy Mathews

The American Spectator: “Alaska’s Ranked-Choice Voting Was a Fiasco. Nevada Should Take Note.” by Sarah Montalbano

Reason: “Gavin Newsom Vetoed California Crypto Regulations — And Invited Even Worse Federal Intervention” by Amanda Griffiths 

Reaction: “The Fed’s Mission to Curb US Inflation Could Kibosh Truss’ Economic Ambitions” by Ben Cope 

American Thinker: “The Ukraine Crisis Shows the Far-Reaching Effects of Environmental Policy” Alina Clough

1828: “The Conservatives Have Carelessly Wasted Their Lasted Their Last Regeneration” by Theo Burman

Daily Globe: “Proportional Representation Could Empower a British Meloni” by Calum Paton



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