The Wall Street Journal: Dangers of a Digital Dollar” by Alexander Salter

The Telegraph: “Can Boris Win Back the Conservative Grassroots” by Bill Bowkett

City A.M.:Moratoriums on Facial Recognition Will do Little to Stem the Tide of Surveillance” by Rachel Chiu

The Independent: The Government’s New Health Agency Will do More Harm than Good” by Jason Reed

The Yorkshire Post: Gordon Brown Role Exposes World Health Failure Over Pandemic” by Jason Reed

The Article:Has Angela Merkel Left a Feminist Legacy” by Alexander Bowen

Chalkboard Review: L.A.’s Mask Mandates Show CA’s Need for School Choice” by Sarah Montalbano

National Review:Behavioral Economics is Fine. Just Keep it Away from Our Kids” by Brian Albrecht 

The Washington Examiner: White House uses Bogus Study to Justify Damaging Tax Hikes” by Travis Nix

The National Interest:Now is the Time to Voice Our Concerns About the Impacts of U.S. Policy in Haiti” by Sam Teixeira

Beckley Register-Herald:Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Spells Disaster for W.Va.” by Amanda Kieffer 

1828: If the Met Truly Cares About Women’s Safety, Cressida Dick Must Resign” by Alys Watson Brown

National Review:Biden’s Environmental Plan Aren’t Serious Solutions” by Kat Dwyer

Project Forever Free: Here’s How School Choice Lawsuits Could Radically Change Education as We Know It” by Amanda Kieffer

RealClearPolicy: Democrats’ Fight Against Nuclear Power Jeopardizes Emissions Goals” by Patrick Hynes 

The Article:Will the ‘Office for Health Improvement and Disparities’ be Another Arm of the Nanny State?” by Jason Reed

International Policy Digest:Bloomberg’s Anti-Vaping Policies are Exploitative and Wrong” by Alys Watson Brown

Daily Globe: According to the Activists at Public Health Wales, Brexit Makes You Fatter” by Jason Reed 

Free the People: Biden’s Green Policies Will Hurt America” by Xin Yuan Quek

The Washington Examiner: Democrats’ Social Spending Bill Kills the Debate” by Caleb Ashley

Conservatives Global:Banning E-Cigs Would Cost Lives Not Save Them” by Alice Calder

The Article:Labour’s Fair Pay Agreements Would be Unfair on Aspiring Employees” by Bill Bowkett

National Review:Regulators Need to Rethink How They Approach Tech Antitrust” by Rachel Chiu

The American Spectator:Why Comic Book Fans Don’t Want a Bisexual Superman” by Connor Tomlinson

The Washington Examiner:Why Political Candidates Should Support School Choice” by Cooper Conway


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