The Wall Street Journal: Dangers of a Digital Dollar” by Alexander Salter

1828:We Should Use the North Sea Reserves” by Connor Tomlinson

The National Interest:If Americans Wants to Prioritize Peace, It Must Formally Recognize Taiwan” by Sam Teixeira 

Washington Examiner: Public School Choice Provides an Opportunity for Political Common Ground” by Cooper Conway

Project Forever Free:Every Family Deserves Access to the Benefits of Homeschooling” by Cooper Conway

The American Spectator:Netflix Normalizes Violence Against the Unvaccinated” by Connor Tomlinson 

CapX:Who Wins Gains? How Capturing Land Value Can Revolutionise Our Infrastructure” by Tom Spencer 

reimaginED: Rural Communities Should Embrace Education Savings Accounts” by Garion Frankel

NextShark:Immigrant Stories Go Unheard Because We Stopped Answering this Question” by Josh Shin

Conservative Home:The National and International Health Nannies Who Are Threatening Our Freedoms” by Jason Reed 

The Article:To Boost Wages, Boris Must Let in More Immigrants – Not Fewer” by Tom Spencer

Conservative Home:Gordon Brown is Right. Legalising Euthanasia Would Spell Disaster for the Vulnerable” by Georgia L. Gilholy

CounterPunch:Illinois Bans Cops from Lying to Kids; Your State Should be Next” by Molly Davis

1828:Economist Janos Kornai Showed Us How to Fix the Housing Crisis” by Tom Spencer

The American Spectator:Will More Eco-Authoritarianism Come from COP26” by Connor Tomlinson 

National Review: Biden’s Regulators Leave the Future of Mergers and Acquisitions Uncertain” by Rachel Chiu

The Montgomery Advertiser:Why is Alabama Still in the Liquor Business” by Hugo Dante

CityAM:Legislation Won’t Solve the Facebook Problem” by Rachel Chiu 

National Review:The U.S. Can Help Venezuelans Escape Hyperinflation” by Daniel Di Martino and Jon Hartley 

America’s Future:Misery Thy Name is Baltimore City Public Schools” by Cooper Conway and Garion Frankel

Washington Examiner:Biden Administration Refuses to Follow Science on Wolves” by Gabby Bernal 

RealClearWorld:Back to the 1970s” by Daniel Chang Contreras  

International Policy Digest: Denmark’s Childcare System has Problems Too” Xin Yuan Quek

RealClearHistory:Censorship Scared Horror Comics to Death” by Caleb Franz

The American Spectator:Halloween Kills Wants MAGA Hat Wearers Murdered” by Connor Tomlinson

Washington Examiner:Parents Need a Say on Education Curricula” by Amanda Kieffer


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