Newsweek: “Americans Don’t Need More Pills—They Need to Go Outside” by Kenneth Schrupp

The American Spectator: “Democrats Roll Out SeniorScare Program” by David Catron

Townhall: “Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability are Compatible” by Benjamin Koshbin

National Review: “It’s Time to Repeal the Jones Act” by Jeff Luse

RealClearEducation: “Universal Cash Deposits Will Ruin Private K-12 Like Universal Loans Did to College” by Kenneth Schrupp

Washington Examiner: “Republicans Must Not Blow Their Midterm Elections Responsibility” by Alexander Salter

1828: “Truss Has Left the Mantle Impossibly Difficult for Her Successor” by Calum Paton

The Center Square: “Republicans Should Follow Florida’s Lead on ESG Investing” by Mike Viola

The American Spectator: “The Nonsense of Stakeholder Capitalism” by David McGarry 

1828: “Rishi Sunak Could Win a Fifth Term for the Tories” by Scott Cresswell 

The Federalist: “Big Banks Just Greenlit a Plan to Track Your Gun-Store Purchases” by Cody Wisniewski

International Policy Digest: “Americans Should be Wary of the GOPs ‘Commitment to America'” by Calum Paton

Dallas Express: “A Defense of Public Christianity” by Garion Frankel

CityAM: “Meta Will be Forced to Sell Giphy as the CMA Falls for the Dangerous Myth of ‘Big is Bad'” by Rachel Chiu

Bright Lights Film Journal: “Batman, Anime, and How to Make Great Pop Art” by Austin Lamb

American Thinker: “Ye, Stigma, and Mental Health Reform” by Jessica Dobrinsky

Washington Examiner: “This Free Market Innovation in Healthcare Could Help Millions” by Jason Reed

RealClearEducation: “Democrats are Fighting For School Choice Again” by Cooper Conway

The Spectator Australia: “FitzSimons and Price Won’t See Eye to Eye” by Mark Burgess 

The Spectator Australia: “Locking Up the World’s Most Liveable City” by Mark Burgess

Independent Women’s Forum: “Why the Supreme Court Should Stand with Section 230” by Rachel Chiu

Daily Caller: “Newsom Conveniently Speaks on Behalf of ‘Mother Nature’ to Ram Through his Climate Agenda” by Torben Halbe

Daily Caller: “A Kew Lawsuit Could Reveal Just How Blurry the Lines Between Social Media and Government Have Become” by Leslie Corbly



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