C3 News: “Increasing the Birth Rate is Critical to Combatting Climate Change” by Benjamin Khoshbin

RealClear Education: “American Academia Funds Genocide and Welcomes China’s Campus Surveillance” by Ian Ching

National Review: “Cash Transfers Are No Solution to Homelessness” by Noah Gould

Admah Media: “It’s Right to Roam” by Ben Cribbin

RealClear Markets: “To Make Farm Bill Effective, Remove All the Excess” by Ganon Evans

CounterPunch: “Impeaching Joe Biden Could be the Key to Democratic Victory in 2024 — But Maybe Not for the Reasons You Think!” by Aaron Pomerantz

Free the People: “The US Should Follow Glasgow’s Lead and Remove Barriers to Overdose Prevention Centers” by Rachel Johnson

New York Post: “We Law Students Aren’t Surprised Campuses are so Pro-Hamas” by Jill Jacobson and Rachel Chiu

National Review: “Campus Hamas Support Reveals a Harsh Truth about Higher Ed” by Neetu Arnold

DC Journal: “Liberal Policies Are Failing Families” by Amelia Wedward and Miranda Spindt

DC Journal: “Becerra Fights His Department’s Policy” by Roy Matthews

The National Interest: “AOC Needs a Reality Check on Venezuelan Sanctions” by Erik Suarez

City AM: “Without China Onside, Sunak’s Global AI Safety Summit Will be Pointless” by Alex Petropoulos

The Pamphleteer: “ESAs in Tennessee Should Go Universal” by Cooper Conway 

Cal Matters: “Why California’s Newest Batch of Gun Restrictions Won’t Make the State Safer” by Connor Vasile

Washington Examiner: “Israel War: Civilian Gun Ownership Could Have Stalled Hamas Violence” by Connor Vasile

The National Interest: “Latin American Support for Hamas Threatens American Interests” by Joseph Bouchard

Prescott eNews: “Liberal Policies Are Failing Families” by Amelia Wedward and Miranda Spindt




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