DC Journal: “Animal Welfare Advocates Should Learn from Hog Farm Case” by Elijah Gullett

C3 Solutions: “Nuclear and Hydrogen: A Clean Energy Love Story” by Benjamin Khoshbin 

Orange County Register: “The Courtroom is No Place to Challenge California’s Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animal’s Act” by Charles Brandt

The Center Square: “Trio of Measures Can Expand Freedom in Colorado’s Alcohol Industry” by David McGarry 

National Review: “How a Decade of Low Interest Rates Fueled Reckless Government Spending” by Jack Salmon

RealClearEnergy: “Lessons from the Inflation Reduction Act: Revamping Republicans’ Climate Strategy” by Kelsey Grant 

The Spectator Australia: “$15 Million: The Debt Trap of Empty Virtue Signalling” by Mark Burgess

The Salt Lake Tribune: “Proper Incentives Will Save the Great Salt Lake, not the Public Trust Doctrine” by Micah Safsten 

Comment Central: “Replace the Pensions Triple Lock with a New Wages Index” by Jack Rowlett 

1828: “International Men’s Day is a Feminist Cause” by Sophia Worringer 

RealClearEnergy: “Conservatives Offer Solutions to Lower Electricity Prices for Midterm Voters Unsure of Where to Turn” by Tyler Duvelius 

The American Spectator: “Musk Wants to Fix Twitter — Good Luck!” by Caden Rosenbaum 

Orange County Register: “Want to Fix the Student Debt Crisis? Stop Superfluous Grad School Requirements” by Thomas Irwin 

RealClearMarkets: “The GOP Must Reduce the Barriers to Investing By the Poor and Middle Class” by Danielle Zanzalari

The Washington Examiner: “What School Choice Advocates Should Learn from the Midterm Elections” by Garion Frankel 

The Washington Examiner: “Diesel Prices Release a Reckoning for the Jones Act” by Tyler Curtis 

International Policy Digest: “America Can’t Ignore China’s Growing Role in African Education” by Alexander Jelloian 

Roanoke Times: “Southwest Virginia’s Northern Neighbor Also Wants to Go Nuclear” by Quinn Townsend 

The Spectator Australia: “Four Reasons to Scrap ‘Diversity and Inclusion'” by Mark Burgess



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