The American Spectator: Putin Has NATO Over a Barrel” by Connor Tomlinson

Jurist:Caution and Restraint Should Steer Antitrust Enforcement” by Rachel Chiu

National Review:Don’t Buy the U.N. Climate Change Conference’s Scary Stories” by Jakob Puckett

1828:Should There be a Referendum on Net Zero” by Connor Tomlinson 

Bloomberg:All Hail ‘Dormzilla,’ the Monster Dorm the Internet Hates” by Nolan Gray

1828:Monetary Tightening is an Economic Disaster” by Tom Spencer

R Street:Don’t Buy the U.N. Climate Change Conference’s Scary Stories” by Allie McCandless  

Project Forever Free:More Than a Million Students Have Left Their Public Schools. Where Are They Going?” by Cooper Conway

Inside Sources:Texas Should Say No to Higher Tobacco Taxes” by Sean Michael Pigeon

Boston Globe:A Big Tech Crackdown Could Just Make the Internet Worse” by Brian Albrecht 

Townhall:Bernie’s Support is a Bad Sign” by Caleb Ashley 

Chalkboard Review:Global Citizenship and the Battle for American Children” by Garion Frankel  

Conservative Home:Censorship Comes to Wigan” by Georgia Gilholy 

Penthouse Australia:New Surveillance Law Makes Criminals Out of Villains” by Dara MacDonald 

CityAM:International Trade Should be a Friend – Not a Foe – to the UK’s Green Ambitions” by Alice Calder

1828:Virginia Elections Show Voters Are Rejecting Biden’s Progressivism” by Gabriella Hoffman 

Orange County Register:When Descheduling Marijuana, Congress Shouldn’t Impose Barriers to Interstate Commerce” by Addison Hosner 

The American Spectator:The Corporate Tax Extortion Racket” by Connor Tomlinson

The American Conservative:Social Justice Shibboleths on a Small Town Ballot” by Grayson Quay

National Review:That’s Not Real Socialism!” by Alexander Salter

1828: “The UK Didn’t Fight for Freedom from the EU to Give into the Unelected WHO” by Alys Watson Brown 

The National Interest:What the Sudan Coup Means for the Future of U.S.-China Power Plays in Africa” by Cassandra Shand

CounterPunch:The Hipster Have Infected the Senate” by Tom Spencer

The Spectator Australia:Sorry, but Elon Musk Can’t Fix World Hunger by Giving his Money Away” by Xin Yuan Quek 

The Strand Review:Against the Ban on the Sale of Snus” by Charles Amos 

CityAM:Heathrow’s Constant Queues Are More than a Nuisance – They’re Undermining London” by Tom Spencer

The Federalist:Australia’s COVID Insanity Shows Why Freedom is So Fragile” by Damon Miles

Jewish News:50 Student Leaders Condemn Protest Against Israeli Ambassador” by Georgia Gilholy 

1828:Should the Bank of England Tighten Monetary Policy” by Tom Spencer

Washington Examiner: Bullish on Commerce, Bearish on Wealth” by Alexander Salter

Townhall: Senate Antitrust Bill Narrows Distinction Between US and EU Competition Laws” by Rachel Chiu



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