National Review: The Beltway Inflation Spin” by Daniel Chang Contreras

Newsweek: China Is Using Academia Like a Trojan Horse” by George L. Gilholy 

Townhall:The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Will Worsen Economic Conditions” Samuel Mangold-Lenett

Restoring America:Keep the Ideologues Out of the Classroom” by Garion Frankel

Chalkboard Review: Means-Tested Education Savings Accounts Best Promote School Choice” by Kenneth Schrupp

The National Interest:Nuclear Was the Quiet Hero of COP26” by Patrick Hynes & Kat Dwyer

RealClearPolicy:The FTC’s Veneer of Democracy is Fading” by Rachel Chiu

Free the People: The University of Austin is Not a Joke” by Garion Frankel

AIER:Democrats’ Minimum Tax Proposal Won’t Force Amazon to Pay More in Taxes” by Travis Nix

The American Spectator:Last Night in Soho Exposes the Trauma of Promiscuity” by Connor Tomlinson

Washington Examiner:Alaskans Are Right to Worry About Ranked-Choice Voting” by Sarah Montalbano

International Policy Digest: The FDA Turned the E-cigarette into a Regulatory Mess” by Rachel Chiu 

Politics.Co.UK:Stopping the Use of UK Property for Economic Crime Could be the First Step to Property Tax Reform” by Tom Spencer

The National Interest:Moderates Must Stop COP26 From Being a Flop for America” by Sam Teixeira & Connor Tomlinson 

National Review:Big Tech’s Critics Forget Government’s Role in the Gilded Age” by Rachel Chiu 

Conservative Home:Monetary Uncertainty Shows the Need for GDP Targeting” by Tom Spencer 

National Post:The WHO’s Tobacco Policy Echo Chamber” by Jason Reed


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