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Trump’s Iran Policy Is Counterproductive (DEFENSE ONE) – John Dale Grover

Equality Act would crush religious freedom. Trump is right to oppose it (USA TODAY) – Brad Polumbo

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Africa Just Created a Major Free Trade Bloc (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Alex Hammond

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Reforming the Tax Code to Make It Pro-Soup Kitchen (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Alex Muresianu

How the US government is about to drive up the price of video games (CAPX) – Ross Marchand

There’s Only One Hope Left for Venezuela (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Daniel Di Martino

Why Even Staunch Conservatives Should Support Marijuana Decriminalization (FEE) – Matt Liles

Harvard’s Decision to Buckle to Illiberal Mob Spells Doom For Higher Education (TOWNHALL) – Christian Watson


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