CounterPunch: “The Case Against Parking Minimums” by Thomas Irwin 

National Review: “Forgiving Student Loan Debt Would Be Regressive and Costly” by Jack Salmon

Townhall: “Don’t Let The Culture War Destroy the School Choice Movement” by Garion Frankel

Chalkboard Review: “A Word of Caution on No-Excuse Charter Schools” by Garion Frankel

Duluth News Tribune: “Protecting Minnesota Kids Online Could Make Internet, Social Media Worse for Everyone” by Rachel Chiu

The Center Square: “Biden Cancels Consumer Consent” by Leslie Corbly 

The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal: “Latinx Is Failed Academic Activism” by Garion Frankel

The American Conservative: “Cemeteries Remind Us the Importance of Religion” by Grace Bydalek

Politics.co.uk: “The Online Safety Bill’s Age Verification Mandates Won’t Make the Internet Safer” by Jason Reed

RealClearEnergy: “Bitcoin Could Spark a Cheap Energy Boom” by Santiago Varela

National Review: “Record High Diesel Prices Spell Longer-Term Consumer Woes” by Roy Matthews 

The American Spectator: “Menthol Cigarette Ban Plan Will Fuel Illicit Tobacco Trade” by Jason Reed

C3 Solutions: “An “All of the Above” Energy Strategy to Reduce Emissions, Increase Supply, and Lower Prices” by Jakob Puckett

Free the People: “The FDA Is the Main Culprit of the Baby Formula Shortage” by Agustin Forzani 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “One Candidate’s Tax Plan is Better Than the Others” by Travis Nix

1828: “Tobacco Harm Reduction Is an Under-appreciated Benefit of Brexit” by Jason Reed 

Americanthinker.com: “The True Aftermath of Roe v. Wade” by Jorge Velasco 

Townhall: “Market Downturn Gives Us Another Reason to Oppose Wealth Tax” by Ben Ayanian 

Foundation for Economic Education: “What Is Section 230 and How Is It Different Than the First Amendment?” by Andy Jung

AIER: “The Academy Doesn’t Mind Harassment When It Targets the Right” by Daniel J. Smith



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