Prosecutors wield way too much power (USA TODAY) – Christian Watson

The fact-based reasons why we should open up the US-Mexico border (THE INDEPENDENT) – Cory Massimino

 What is a Conservatarian? (LIBERTARIANISM.ORG) – Brad Polumbo

Europe’s tech tax is just an attack on American firms (CAPX) – Ryan Khurana

Free college won’t make Michigan kids career ready (DETROIT NEWS) – Kristiana Bolzman

The Left’s never-ending Betsy DeVos hatred is baseless (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Brad Polumbo

In defence of the Trump tax cuts (CAPX) – Alex Muresianu

The case for decriminalising sex work (SPIKED!) – Charlie Gers

We should all support Trump’s push against gay criminalization (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Brad Polumbo

The Trump phenomenon and Brexit are not ‘one and the same’ (CAPX) – Alex Hammond



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