The Wall Street Journal: “Congress Enacts a Tax Nobody Can Understand” by Travis Nix

The Battalion: “Texas A&M is Not Woke” by Garion Frankel

1828: “Take it from a Greek – Rishi’s Plan Won’t Stop the Boats” by Alex Petropoulos 

Orange County Register: “Kids Have First Amendments Rights Too. They Shouldn’t be Banned from Social Media.” by Charles Brandt

International Policy Digest: “While UK Helps Smokers Quit, US Cracks Down on Vapes” Elijah Gullett 

American Thinker: “The ATF’s Pistol Brace Ban” by Sofia Hamilton 

The Detroit News: “Calm Down Over ChatGPT” by Corey Walker

Foundation for Economic Education: “How the Supreme Court Could Break the Internet” by Elijah Gullett 

Daily Caller: “Public Schools Don’t Need More Money — They Need to Spend it More Wisely” by Garion Frankel

RealClearEnergy: “Lessons from Poland’s Nuclear Energy Renaissance” by Jeff Luse

The Hill: “Why Sanitizing Books is Worse than Banning Them” by Elizabeth Grace Matthew 

Orange County Register: “Born in the Nic(otine) of Time: California Legislators Move to Ban Tobacco Products for Gen-Z and Beyond” by Sofia Hamilton 

The Wall Street Journal: “Why are Heating Prices so High in New England?” by Roy Mathews 

reimaginED: “Worried about Declining Civic Knowledge? Support School Choice.” by Garion Frankel

Mises Institute: “Denying Western Provocations Risks Prolonging War in Ukraine” by  Benjamin Ayanian



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