The Wall Street Journal: “How Inflation Raises Your Taxes” by Daniel J. Smith and William F. Ford

The Center Square: “Filtering Bills Won’t Solve Problems” by Eric Peterson

The Center Square: “Let Every Washington Student Have School Choice Like I Did” by Cooper Conway 

Contrepoints: “Les Crises Sont Un Argument en Faveur d’un État Plus Petit” by Jason Reed

International Policy Digest: “Scientists Should Continue to Collaborate with Big Tobacco” by Jason Reed

InsideSources: “It’s Time to Increase Domestic Energy Production” by Kat Dwyer

C3 Solutions: “America’s Clean Energy Stalwarts Are Finally Getting the Attention They Deserve” by Jakob Puckett

InsideSources: “Anti-Vaping Study With Bloomberg’s Name on It” by Jason Reed

RealClearEnergy: “Market Innovations Make Nuclear an Energy Crisis Solution” by Roy Matthews

CityAM: “In a Bid to Crack Down on Big Tech, We Cannot Forget the Small Players and Individuals” by Rachel Chiu

The Spectator Australia: “A Year of Death and Unknowing” by Scott Newman

Standard Examiner: “Latest CIA Revelations Show Clear Need for Privacy Protections” by Leslie Corbly 

Townhall: “How This One Simple Experiment Can Transform Every Policy Area-From Finance to Transport” by Jason Reed

RealClearEnergy: “Elon Musk Is Right. The World Needs More Nuclear Energy” by Jeff Luse

AIER: “The Politicization of Vaping Studies” by Jason Reed

The Enquirer: “Democrats’ Hypocrisy Exposed in Redistricting” by Tex Fischer

1828: “Gavin Williamson’s Knighthood Shows Up Our Outdated Honours System-Here’s How to Fix It” by Jonathan Gibson

RealClearEnergy: “Environmentalists Shouldn’t Be So Quick to Tank Blue Hydrogen” by Kelsey Grant

Chalkboard Review: “Young Americans Don’t Understand How Money Works. Here’s What We Can Do About It” by Garion Frankel

InsideSources: “Both Sides are Getting It Wrong on Lia Thomas” by Benjamin Ayanian



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