The Hill: “The Credit Card Competition Act Would Harm Successful  Businesses in the Name of Competition” by Danielle Zanzalari 

The American Spectator: “Bing’s New AI Assistant Went Rogue” by Alex Petropoulos 

National Review: “Why ‘Friendshoring’ is Key to Countering China and Russia” by Benjamin Khoshbin 

RealClearScience: “Space Mining May Be Closer Than You Think” by Roy Mathews 

Law & Liberty: “The Failures of Lean-In Feminism” by Elizabeth Grace Matthew

Cointelegraph: “Congressional Privacy Proposal Could Kill Scores of Blockchain Projects” by Luke Hogg

DC Journal: “Congress Must Authorize FCC to Auction More Spectrum to 5G Providers” by Tahmineh Dehbozorgi 

RealClearEnergy: “The Willow Project is a Band-Aid. Nuclear Energy is the Cure.” by Benjamin Khoshbin

Orange County Register: “Huntington Beach Republicans Stand Up for Local Government Control Over Property Rights” by Jerehmiah Ludwig   

The Spectator Australia: “Big Tech Only Wants to Hear One ‘Voice'” by Edmund Stephens 

DC Journal: “Weakening Section 230 Would Compromise Innovation” by Benjamin Ayanian 

RealClearMarkets: “Market Competition is Improving Credit Cards for Everyone” by Mike Viola

The Salt Lake Tribune: “Utah Law Would Strike a Balance Between Public Safety and Digital Privacy” by Leslie Corbly 

Foundation for Economic Education: “How the Supreme Court Could Break the Internet” by Elijah Gullett

RealClearWorld: “Philanthropic Contributions Keep Africa Poor” by Abdullah Tijani 

The American Spectator: “Should You Fear Artificial Intelligence Taking Your Job? Probably Not.” by Corey Walker 

Conservative Home: “Boost Aspiration by Restoring the Personal Allowance for All” by Daniel Patterson 

International Policy Digest: “Can the Judiciary Save Nigeria’s Democracy?” by Abdullah Tijani

The Lion: “Without Sage’s Law, Private Christian Schools are Worth the Cost” by Josh Mann

RealClearMarkets: “ESG Demands Transparencey, but is the Embodiment of Opaque” by Ganon Evans

The Washington Examiner: “Don’t Copy Britain’s Awful ‘Online Safety’ Bill” by Jason Reed



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