Idaho Press: “School choice will empower Idahoans who need it most” by Satya Marar and Cooper Conway

The Hill: “In defense of the misunderstood short seller” by Hugo Dante

RealClear Policy: “The 5G Revolution in Health Care is Here” by Luke Ashton

Yorkshire Evening Post: “How the collapse of the high street in Covid times could be a good thing for Leeds’ new businesses” by Nathan Allen

CityAM: “Joe Biden must not meddle in Northern Ireland” by Noah Khogali

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal: “USPS Fairness Act not fair to retirees, taxpayers” by Jen Sidorova

Washington Examiner: “The fight against universal basic income may already be over” by Katherine Revello

Crain’s New York Business: “Albany’s antitrust measure would crush innovation” by Kir Nuthi

Reaction: “Johnson and Biden appeasing China has a human cost” by Connor Tomlinson

The Washington Times: “Government data privacy regulation isn’t as good as it sounds” by Satya Marar

Orange County Register: “The military is already equal” by Sarah Weaver

Blavity News & Politics: “Children Of Color Are Visiting The Dentist 69% Less In The Pandemic” by Satya Marar

Roanoke Times: “Big Data Regs Must Balance Innovation and Privacy” by Satya Marar

Washington Examiner: “Diversity training should lower barriers, not raise them” by Steven Zhou

Politics.co.uk: “The impending war with big tech” by Jason Reed

USA TODAY: “Don’t blame the tests: Getting rid of standardized testing means punishing poor students” by Sean-Michael Pigeon

CapX: “Knee-jerk reactions are no way to regulate big tech” by Jason Reed

CapX: “Here’s one area where we should definitely aim to be ‘Singapore on Thames’ ” by Tom Spencer

Orange County Register: “Are extremism and “fake news” social media’s fault?” by Satya Marar

TheHill: “Don’t blame Big Tech for misinformation online” by Rachel Chiu

US News & World Report: “How Utah Aims to Help Businesses Flourish After Pandemic” by James Czerniawksi

InsideSources: “Educational Freedom is the Future” by Cooper Conway

The Washington Times: “How America watered down whiskey’s global appeal” by Alice Calder

The National Interest: “America Cannot Afford to Lose the Race Against China to 5G” by Satya Marar

Orange County Register: “America must remain vigilant about China’s global ambitions” by Tahmineh Dehbozorgi
Washington Examiner: “No, Biden isn’t to blame for increasing gas prices — yet” by Nickie Deahle
Boston Herald: “Massachusetts could send Hollywood packing” by Diana Martinez
Daily Caller: “Banning Assault Weapons Makes Poor Americans Less Safe” by Matt Larosiere

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