Spiked!: “Now they want to cancel Fox News” by Diana Martinez

Detroit News: “Worried about censorship? New tech may hold the answer” by Shaun Cammack

Washington Examiner: “No, California is not a liberal utopia” by Kat Dwyer

The American Spectator: “In Defense of Dr. Seuss” by Aaron Andrews

Washington Examiner: “Will the $1.9 trillion stimulus package cause runaway inflation?” by Alexander Salter

InsideSources: “Visas for Iraqi and Afghani Allies Should Be One of Biden’s Most Urgent Immigration Priorities” by Fiona Harrigan 

The Washington Times: “China’s world domination still yet to be determined” by Georgia Gilholy

The Register-Guard: “How will Oregon break the addiction cycle?” by Tanner Aliff

Orlando Sentinel: “Venezuelans are proof that immigrants aren’t GOP’s enemies” by Daniel DiMartino

Bozeman Daily Chronicles: “Fee increases help preserve world-class opportunities” by Hannah Downey

RealClear Policy: “Big Tech Should Be Punished for Bad Conduct, But Not Its Size” by Satya Marar

Techdirt: “Misguided Crusade For Tech Antitrust Will Exacerbate Inequality” by Rachel Chiu

Spiked!: “Rent controls will deepen London’s housing crisis” by Tom Spencer

The National Interest: “The United Nations Has a Human Rights Issue” by Nickie Deahl

The Washington Times: “If Elizabeth Warren gets her way, it won’t be just the rich who” by Isaac LaGrand

RealClear Policy: “Google Burnt Its Cookies” by Diana Martinez

Peach Pundit: “Foreign doctors can help rural Georgians; duplicative residency requirements don’t” by Nico Zviovich

The Atlantic: “CEQA Is an Abomination” by Nolan Gray

The California Review: “Can Facebook’s New ‘Supreme Court’ Save It from Regulation?” by Sebastian Thormann

Washington Examiner: “Combat inequality by exempting interns from the minimum wage” by Kenneth Schrupp


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