Boston Herald: For Asian Americans, every day is a citizenship test” by Rachel Chiu

The National Interest: Germany Has An Anti-Semitism Problem” by Seb Thormann

Conservative Home: Oxfordshire’s plan to become smoke free is yet another example of state overreach” by Jason Reed

Sun-Sentinel.com: Big Tech’s bans aren’t great, but they should definitely be legal | Opinion” by Luke Ashton

Washington Examiner: How to help end rural America’s physician shortage” by Tanner Aliff

InsideSources: A Failed Drug Test Will “Stirrup” Trouble for Horseracing” by Abigail Hall

The Salt Lake Tribune: Utah Gov. Spencer Cox moves on licensing reform” by Alex Muresianu

CityAM: British farmers should stop fearing a UK-Australia trade deal and learn to take competition in their stride” by Alice Calder

mailplus.co.uk: What a drag! Outdoor smoking is the next on the chopping block of our basic freedoms” by Jason Reed

The Bulwark: Don’t Lout Out China’s Victims” by Daniel Di Martino

Orange County Register: Six months later, what we now know about Proposition 22” by Rachel Chiu

The Washington Times: Obesity is America’s next pandemic by Jason Reed

The Federalist: Will America Rise To China’s New Space Challenge?” by Kenneth Schrupp

The Salisbury Review: “Ambulance Chasing” by Georgia Gilholy (print edition only)

TheArticle: A local authority wants smoking bans outside pubs. Why not try vaping?” by Jason Reed

The Daily Signal: Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Isn’t Really About Building Roads and Bridges by Sean-Michael Pigeon

Fast Company: 3 warnings signs to consider before using a personality test” by Steven Zhou

UnHerd: Why Jesus College doesn’t want to talk about Uyghurs” by Georgia Gilholy

CityAM: Brexit analysis: If pig-headedness continues to prevail the EU and the UK risk an all-out trade war” by Alice Calder

InsideSources: Bad Broadband Is Keeping the Future of Cloud Gaming at Bay” by Lindsay Poss

CityAM: DEBATE: Will a global minimum corporate tax lead to real change for multinational giants?” by Tom Spencer

The American Conservative: G7’s Global Tax Plans Threaten Prosperity Worldwide | The American Conservative” by Charles Amos

CounterPunch.org: Militarized Police: A Consequence of the War on Drugs” by Abigail Hall

America’s Future: School Choice Combats the Consequences of Redlining” by Cooper Conway

The National Review: The Sanders Tax Bill Would Hurt U.S. Oil Producers and Workers” by Travis Nix

The Detroit News: Opinion | Ideological Divides Prevail Policing Violent Crimes” by Isaac LaGrand

The Arizona Republic: Want to keep people on parole from going back to prison? Reward their supervisors” by Molly Davis


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