The Wall Street Journal: “Treasury Threatens to Double-Tax Some Businesses” by Travis Nix

The Washington Post: “Bills Meant to Check Big Tech’s Power Could Lead to More Disinformation” by Jane Bambauer 

Star Tribune: “A New Bill for Big Tech, with the Same Flaws” by Brian Albrecht 

Roanoke Tribune: “Voting Rights for Ex-Felons Shouldn’t be Controversial in Virginia” by Adam Shepardson 

Orange County Register: “California’s Social Media Bill Will do Little to Protect Children Online” by Rachel Chiu

Modern Healthcare: “The Looming Insolvency of Medicare’s Hospital Trust Fund” by Elise Amez-Droz 

Chalkboard Review: “Evangelical Curriculum Isn’t Perfect Either” by Garion Frankel 

National Review: “America Needs Dads More Than Ever” by Joshua Crawford 

Save Jersey: “New Jersey’s Menthol Ban: Another Misguided Attempt to Help” by Damon Miles

Free the People: “Gun Reform Bill is Anything but a Solution” by Jorge Velasco 

Townhall: “Trial Lawyers Are Abusing the Tort System. Here’s Why That’s a Problem” by Jason Reed

The National Interest: “The Key to Solving Europe’s Energy Crisis Lies in North African Diplomacy” by Roy Matthews 

RealClearEnergy: “What the Oil and Gas Industry has to Offer the Energy Transition” by Kelsey Grant

The American Conservative: “The Democrats’ Misguided Gun Control Bill” by Benjamin Ayanian 

National Review: “No Corporate Greed Is Not to Blame for High Gas Prices” by Jeff Luse 

CounterPunch: “Why Don’t Countries Care About the Uyghurs?” by Jonathan Gibson 

C3 Solutions: “The Defense Production Act Will Fail to Deliver a Clean Energy Future” by Jakob Puckett

American Thinker: “Supreme Court Decides Suing the Feds Is Mission Impossible” by Sean Themea

AIER: “Public Schools Are Using Inflation to Extort Taxpayers” by Garion Frankel 

Free the People: “Inflation Is Always and Everywhere an Institutional Phenomenon” by Agustin Forzani

International Policy Digest: “Lack of Privacy Leads to Political Abuses” by Leslie Corbly 

AIER: “You Should Care About Martin Van Buren” by Garion Frankel 

Townhall: “The President’s Empty Promises to Alleviate Pain at the Pump” by Lindsay Keiser 



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