The Maine Wire: Maine schools to be freed of pandemic mandates starting July 1” by Katherine Revello

LA Daily News: Throwing around money won’t make Los Angeles affordable anymore” by Kenneth Schrupp

The American Conservative: AmaZen’ is the Religion for Our Time | The American Conservative” by Grayson Quay

Orange County Register: Consumers will pay for cyberattacks on beef megaproducer, thanks to red tape” by Tahmineh Dehbozorgi

1828 – Championing Freedom: Politics needs more Kalvin Phillips’ – 1828 – Championing Freedom” by Tom Spencer

Conservative Home: Connor Tomlinson: Why conservative students need strong students’ unions to protect their free speech” by Connor Tomlinson

Detroit News: Pandemic highlights need of school choice in Michigan” by Cooper Conway

The Conservative Woman: A fairytale romance? No, child abuse | The Conservative Woman” by Georgia Gilholy

Townhall: Dear Conservatives: Cultural Symbols Like Juneteenth Really Do Matter” by Sarah Weaver

Washington Examiner: European politics offers a filibuster warning” by Sebastian Thormann

The Washington Times: Local officials pass the buck on addressing violent crime” by Abby Hall

Orange County Register: Despite fear-mongering, Amy Coney Barrett upholds Obamacare” by Elise Amez-Droz

Free the People: Juneteenth Is the Celebration of Individualism” by Tahmineh Dehbozorgi

CityAM: Council tax fails every rule of good taxation and is blowing back holes in local government budgets – CityAM” by Tom Spencer

Chalkboard Review: New York’s Equitable Education Misses the Mark” by Cooper Conway” by Cooper Conway

America’s Future: Summer Learning Doesn’t Have to Take Place in School – America’s Future” by Cooper Conway

The Washington Times: A vape, tobacco flavor ban in D.C. would only hurt its residents” by Casey Given

TheArticle: UEFA expose Britain’s shifting Covid goalposts” by Connor Tomlinson

The Bulwark: Congress Might Finally Fix the Disparity in Crack-vs.-Powder Cocaine Sentencing – The Bulwark” by Dan King

RealClearPolicy: The Latest Antitrust Push Could Render Our Tech Devices Virtually Useless” by Kir Nuthi

CityAM: Naysayers of Britain’s future trade relationship in Asia-Pacific are determined to live in the past – CityAM” by Alice Calder

Dallas News: Politicians hate Big Tech, but they haven’t explained why big is bad” by Alexander Salter

Politics.co.uk:MPs must stand up for civil liberties – Politics.co.uk” by Jason Reed

National Review: Outer Space Is Becoming the Final Junkyard | National Review” by Alexander Salter

International Policy Digest: “The EU Cuts Data Flows from the World. The U.S. Shouldn’t Hold the Knife. by Luke Ashton


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