I worked as a janitor to keep my student loans low. Wiping debt punishes students like me. (USA TODAY) – Christian Barnard

Colorado, legalizing drug checking kits will save lives (THE PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN) – Molly Davis

The Key to Defeating Big Tech? Tell Users How Much Their Data Is Worth (OBSERVER) – Ryan Khurana

Trying to Regulate Online Speech Will Only Make Censorship Worse (FEE) – Michael Rieger

Democratic debate showed conservatives could learn something from Marianne Williamson (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Christian Watson

How Democrats’ ‘Medicare For All’ Will End Your Health Choices Forever  (THE FEDERALIST) – Adam Barsouk

Want to Help Veterans? Listen to AOC on Drug Research (FREE THE PEOPLE) – Anthony DiMauro

The Democrats’ radical one-upping has to end (THE ORANGE COUNTRY REGISTER) – Jordan Lancaster

President Trump’s Approach to the Middle East (REAL CLEAR DEFENSE) – Rachel Tripp

Bernie’s ‘Free’ College Plan Indicates We All Need College — We Don’t (TOWNHALL) – Ross Marchand

Don’t be fooled: No 2020 candidate can fix healthcare (THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Elise Amez-Droz

Supreme Court’s Ruling in Trademark Case Is a Victory for Free Speech (TOWNHALL) – Matt Liles

As I See It: It’s past time to repeal happy hour ban in Massachusetts (TELEGRAM & GAZETTE) – Anthony DiMauro

Why College Grads Should Pay Attention to Elizabeth Warren’s $1.25 Trillion Education Plan (FEE) – Kristiana Bolzman

Harvard rescinding Kyle Kashuv’s acceptance is wrong, but it isn’t ‘anti-conservative bias’ (THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Jordan Lancaster

Conventional candidates won’t beat Mitch McConnell. But a celebrity candidate just might (CINCINNATI.COM) – Jacob A. Bruggeman

Silicon Valley and Washington Must Work Together to Defend a Free Internet (FEE) – Ryan Khurana

Big Brother Has Terrible Eyesight (THE BULWARK) – Dan King

To deal with Iran, we need Trump the businessman (THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Natalie Dowzicky

Kyle Kashuv deserves a second chance (SPIKED) – Anthony DiMauro

Actually, Congress deserves a pay raise (THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – David Doerr

It’s Time to Chat With the Silent Generation (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Jacob A. Bruggeman

Missouri and Kansas could do more for rural residents’ health care needs (THE KANSAS CITY STAR) – Alex Muresianu

The vanishing of the Freedom Caucus (THE NEWS AND OBSERVER) – Stephen Kent

Michigan corporate welfare fosters corruption (THE DETROIT NEWS) – Michael Rieger

Africa’s New Free-Trade Area is Great News for America (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) –  Alexander C. R. Hammond



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