CityAM: From junk food ad bans to new smoking bans: the UK is in an age of state intervention” by Jason Reed 

InsideSources:Want To Avoid Inflation? Let’s Build” by Tom Spencer

Conservative Home:Eton’s new sixth-form colleges will do little to promote social mobility” by Georgia Gilholy

Counter Punch:Is Fulton v the City of Philadelphia Really a Win for Freedom of Religion?” by Emilie Dye

Mail+: “Boris lost weight without a nanny-state salt tax – so why is he now backing this assault on the poor?” by Jason Reed 

Detroit News: “Pandemic highlights need for school choice” by Cooper Conway

1828: “Individual responsibility isn’t ‘reckless’: it’s British” by Connor Tomlinson

Orange County Register: “Republicans can’t keep avoiding reparations” by Cooper Conway

Orange County Register: “Political correctness infects our speech and our ideas” by Tahmineh Dehbozorgi

Washington Examiner: “The BRIDGE Act won’t bridge the digital divide” by Eric Peterson

Orange County Register: “The socialism versus capitalism debate needs more minority voices” by Rachel Chiu

InsideSources:Big Cities like Chicago Have a Property Damage Problem” by Sean-Michael Pigeon

Washington Examiner: “Three ways that data may be deceiving you” by Steven Zhou

Reason: Public Pensions Shouldn’t Prioritize Political and Social Goals Over Investment Returns” by Jen Sidorova

Financial Post: Learn from Britain — a junk food ad ban is a bad idea”  by Jason Reed

RealClear Policy: Throwing More Regulations at the Internet Won’t Make it ‘SAFE’” by James Czerniawski

1828: “When it comes to reducing foreign aid, the rebels’ cause is just.” by Angus Gillan

Free the People: “Free Enterprise Hasn’t Failed Gen Z—Its Messaging Has” by Cooper Conway

RealClear Policy: What the FCC Should Focus on Instead of Net Neutrality” by Eric Peterson


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