A Rush to Mine the Moon Will Be Good for Humanity (REAL CLEAR SCIENCE) – Alex Salter
Entrepreneurs, Not Governments, Are Keeping Our Oceans Clean (FREE THE PEOPLE) – Jason Reed
Why George Orwell’s Warning on ‘Self-Censorship’ Is More Relevant Than Ever (FEE) – Brad Polumbo
ICE finally made a good call on international students, but Trump is still closing America’s doors (THE WASHINGTON TIMES) – Daniel Di Martino
Revoking driver’s licenses for unpaid debt ruins lives for poor Americans (DETROIT NEWS) – Dan King
The Uber-Postmates Combination Isn’t Worth the Outrage (REAL CLEAR MARKETS) – Dylan Hildebrand
Putin isn’t going anywhere, and neither are his attacks on the West (THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Loic Fremond
Venezuela’s Dictator Stole from this Company (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Ross Marchand and Daniel Di Martino
This Pandemic Is Not Homeschooling’s Moment (AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMIC RESEARCH) – Fiona Harrigan
Economic Pain of COVID-19 Increases Need for School Finance Reform (REASON FOUNDATION) – Christian Barnard
America is in crisis. Civility will keep it alive (DESERET NEWS) – Shaun Cammack
Hybrid schools could revolutionize education (THE HILL) – Satya Marar
US Dominance in 5G Relies on Rapid Expansion of Spectrum (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – James Czerniawski
What Congress should do instead of passing another bloated ‘stimulus’ bill (THE WASHINGTON TIMES) – Brad Polumbo
The First Amendment Should Cover Hirings and Firings (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – Emilie Dye
Biden’s energy and climate plan just won’t work (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER) – Jacob Puckett
Congress Needs to Act to Prevent a Massive Meat Shortage (FREE THE PEOPLE) – Tahmineh Dehbozorgi
Charity Tax Deduction Won’t Increase Giving, But More Church Might (AMERICAN SPECTATOR) – Travis Nix
Antitrust attacks on tech only protect the powerful (THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Robert Winterton
How America Can Stand Up to China Without Sacrificing Economics (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Alex Muresianu
Freedom Requires Courage (MERION WEST) – Aaron Tao
Millions Flee The Cities, But Will They Ever Return? (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Alice Calder
The Federal Reserve Is Both Too Politicized and Too Powerful (FEE) – Alex Salter
People Are Right to Be Skeptical of Experts. That’s Why We Need More of Them (REAL CLEAR POLICY) – James Czerniawski
Big Tech Hearing Shows How Little Congress Understands about Competition (FEE) – James Czerniawski
How to prevent misuse of power by federal law enforcement agencies (THE WASHINGTON TIMES) – Dan King
Reflections on the Twitter Revolution (THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR) – Nate Hochman
Mental health and police reform — where’s the investment in innovation? (DESERET NEWS) – Colby Humphrey

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