The Washington Post: “California Wants to Help Me Buy a House. Here’s Why That’s a Bad Idea.” by Thomas Irwin

The Spectator World: “Why Are Millennial Politicians Such Sellouts” by Sean Themea  

RealClearEnergy: “SCOTUS’ West Virginia v. EPA Makes No New Precedents” by Ethan Brown 

RealClearEnergy: “Joe Biden’s War on Fossil Fuels” by Jakob Puckett

The American Conservative: “Time for Churches to Lead on Education” by Cooper Conway

International Policy Digest: “The FDA Is Trying to Tell You What’s Good Again” by Damon Miles

International Policy Digest: “Biden Inches Toward the Right Move on Tariffs – For the Wrong Reasons” by Amanda Griffiths

C3 Solutions“FERC Ruling Can Help Regional Grids Experiment with Renewable Integration” by Jakob Puckett

Techdirt: “California’s Social Media Bill Flies In the Face Of the First Amendment” by Andy Jung

InsideSources: “N.J. Should Reject Blanket Menthol Bans” by Michael Zigismund 

Townhall: “It’s Time to End the Government’s War on Consumers” by Sean-Michael Pigeon 

Free the People: “Why Does It Take Thousands of Hours to Teach How to Braid Hair” by Jake Leahy

The American Conservative: “Employer Sponsored Insurance After Roe” by Elise Amez-Droz

The Salt Lake Tribune: “Utah’s Drought Should Be Reflected in the Price for Water” by Micah Saftsen

Beckley-Register Herald: “West Virginia Loses Hope” by Jessica Dobrinsky

The American Spectator: “Good Samaritans With Guns Make the World Safer” by Benjamin Ayanin 

American Thinker: “Safeguarding the Filibuster” by Charles Brandt 

The National Interest: “Climate Solutions: What Congress Can Learn From the Dutch Farm Protests” by Jeff Luse

Washington Examiner: “‘Jackpot’ Justice’ And Multimillion-Dollar Court Verdicts Threaten innovation” by Jason Reed

Daily Caller: “Biden’s Disastrous Agenda Is the Real Emergency, Not the Climate” by Jakob Puckett

Reaction: “We Should Scrap Patronizing Diversity Shortlists” by Sophia Worringer

1828: “How the US Should Respond to China’s Infiltration of Africa’s Economy” by Alexander Jelloian 

The Center Square: “Passage of the CHIPS Act Is Not Economically Smart” by Danielle Zanzalari



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