The Article: Henry Dimbleby’s National Food Strategy would price the poor out of pleasure | TheArticle” by Jason Reed

Orange County Register: PRO Act is not at all pro-worker” by Satya Marar

Conservative Home: Tom Spencer: Why Council Tax should be replaced by a proportional property tax” by Tom Spencer

The National Interest: Sri Lanka’s Sweet Deal with China Underpins the Belt and Road Initiative” by Georgia Gilholy

Politics.co.uk: Henry Dimbleby’s National Food Strategy reveals a disdain for the poor – Politics.co.uk” by Jason Reed

Detroit News: Biden order give government control without fixing economy” by Justin Begley

Townhall: Randi Weingarten Is Not Your Friend” by Garion Frankel

The Washington Times: Biden looks to strangle internet innovation with net neutrality” by Casey Given

yorkshirepost.co.uk: Nanny state sugar taxes won’t defeat obesity” by Jason Reed

Blavity News & Politics: Why Flavored Tobacco Bans Are Bad News — And Pretty Racist” by Satya Marar

The National Interest: Panic Won’t Stop the Delta Variant. The Market Will.” by Raymond March

Detroit News: Don’t let White House become arbiter misinformation” by Rachel Chiu

The National Interest: The Time to Ease the UK-U.S. Travel Corridor is Now” by Bill Bowkett

1828-Championing Freedom: The ‘pingdemic’ is unsustainable. It’s time to scrap the app.” by Portia Berry-Kilby

The Telegraph: Dire obesity statistics prove that to ‘protect the NHS’ we must avoid another lockdown at all costs” by Jason Reed

1828-Championing Freedom: While the world moves on, Australians remain locked up with little hope.” by Emilie Dye

National Review: Economic Crisis Devastated Lebanon. Decentralized Finance Could Be the Answer” by Hugo Dante

Conservative Home: Georgia L. Gilholy: The Government has no business coercing my generation into getting the vaccine” by Georgia Gilholy

CityAM: DEBATE: Is it fair for businesses to go completely cashless?” by Tom Spencer and Ariana Wolde

The Salt Lake Tribune: Toph Cottle: Congress should allow the clean-up of Utah Lake” by Toph Cottle

1828-Championing Freedom: Less socialism is the solution to our housing crisis” by Tom Spencer

Orange County Register: “​​Don’t make gun owners pay for crimes they don’t commit” by Gabriella Hoffman

Hong Kong Free Press HKFP: Does China want the US to leave Afghanistan?” by Georgia Gilholy

Techdirt.: The FTC Is Driving Away Good Economists In Favor Of Political Henchmen” by Brian Albrecht

Washington Examiner: Georgetown Law’s COVID-19 protocols burden students with severe medical conditions like me” by Travis Nix

The Spectator World: The Brave New World of ‘sex-positive’ education  – The Spectator World” by Grayson Quay

RealClearWorld: How Investing in Force Hurts Countries Like Haiti” by Sam Teixeira

pairagraph.com: Why Is Rent So High?” by Tom Spencer & Joel Kotkin


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