Congress Must End the Bush-Era AUMF (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Natalie Dowzicky

It’s time to check NASA’s astronomical spending (PASADENA STAR-NEWS) – Ross Marchand

Trump’s White House event aside, his environmentalism is still all about ego (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Fiona Harrigan

New York City’s Dishonest Attempt to Squelch a Gun-Rights Lawsuit (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Matthew Larosiere

How Government-Inflated Housing Costs Contribute To Social Security’s Collapse (THE FEDERALIST) – Alex Muresianu

What Stranger Things gets right about capitalism (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Stephen Kent

Is low-nicotine tobacco just another WHO smokescreen? (THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER) – Satya Marar

Infrastructure is the key to 2020 presidential election (THE DETROIT NEWS) – Jacob Bruggeman

Foreign Lung Doctors Can Help Coal Country Residents. We Should Let Them. (REASON) – Sam Peak

Putin could not be more wrong about the demise of liberalism (CAPX) – Alexander C. R. Hammond

San Fran’s idiotic war on e-cigs (SPIKED) – Elise Amez Droz and Trace Mitchell

Trying to Regulate Online Speech Will Only Make Censorship Worse (FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION) – Michael Rieger

Colorado, legalizing drug checking kits will save lives (THE PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN) – Molly Davis and Jacob James Rich





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