USA Today: “The CDC has Abandoned Pain Patients. Its New Opioids Guidelines are All for Show.” by Peter Pischke 

Comment Central: “MPs’ Maternity Policy Shouldn’t Create a Democratic Deficit  — It’s Time Acting Secretaries of State Were Allowed” by Sophia Worringer 

National Review: “How the Health-Care System Holds Back Millennials” by Elise Amez-Droz  

The Federalist: “Universal Healthcare Ends with the State Telling You to Die” by Kenneth Schrupp 

The Washington Examiner: “Lina Khan’s FTC War on Gaming” by Caden Rosenbaum 

Ordinary Times: “Conservatives Should Rediscover John Quincy Adams” by Garion Frankel 

Reason: “Why Britain’s Prime Minister Prefers to See a Private Doctor” by Elise Amez-Droz

Politics.co.uk: “A Regulator Bonfire Risks the UK Losing Control of its Competition Regime” by Calum Paton

The Hill: “Pro-Growth Tax Policies Can Spur Innovation, Bolster Domestic Energy Security” by Jeff Luse

National Review: “The Senate Can Provide Tax Relief to Americans this Year” by Travis Nix

The Washington Examiner: “Biden Wants to Let in More Immigrants but Doesn’t Want them to Work” by Tyler Curtis 

The Washington Examiner: “Facebook Must Rethink Its Content Moderation Policies” by Daniel Cochrane 

Free the People: “COP27 Pushed “Climate Justice” — It Will Do Decades of Harm” by Torben Halbe

RealClearMarkets: “The Federal Railroad Administration Pursues Non Sequiturs Over Safety” by Roy Mathews 

Daily Globe: “Tories Should Stop Pandering to Boomers, Tax them Back to Work” by Ben Cope

The Federalist: “How an FTC Ban on Non-Competes Could Hurt Pizza Deliverers” by Jeremiah Ludwig 

International Policy Digest: “Anti-Satellite Weapon Weakens US Deterrence” by Roy Mathews 

Townhall: “The AAP Recommends Drugs and Surgery for Obese Kids — That’s a Bad Idea” by Caroline Melear 

The Federalist: “The More Taxpayers Pay for College, the Worse it Gets” by Kate Farmer

Orange County Register: “The California Dream Isn’t Dead Yet — but It’s Dying. Here’s How to Turn that Around” by Thomas Irwin

The Hill: “Why I Worry about My Sons’ Maturity, Not Their Masculinity” by Elizabeth Grace Matthew

Sun Sentinel: “School Districts Need a Lesson on Economics” by Sofia Hamilton

Townhall: “Non-Competes Ban is Yet Another Sign of FTC Mission Creep” by April liu

RealClearEnergy: “Somewhere Between “No More Meat” and “It’s a Hoax:” The Electoral Case for Commonsense Environmentalism” by Benjamin Khoshbin 

The Federalist: “AAP’s Obesity Treatments Prioritize Big Pharma Over Kid’s Health” by Kenneth Schrupp 

Reaction: “Let’s Entrust Children’s Online Safety to Parents — Not Mark Zuckerberg” by Alex Petropoulos 

International Policy Digest: “How the US Can Use Nuclear Energy Exports to Deter China and Russia” by Benjamin Khoshbin



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