The Hill: “Climate Movement Splinters as Activists Target Israel” by Ethan Brown

Acton Institute: “Saving Entrepreneurship: More Hard Work, Less WeWork” by Noah Gould

Newsweek: “Climate Advocates Need To Calm Down About Taylor Swift’s Jet” by Ethan Brown

Newsweek: “There’s Only One Way To Solve the Border Crisis: Expand Legal Immigration” by Agustina Vergara Cid

The Hill: “A Different Way to Finance Higher Education: With Equity” by Jill Jacobson

Meer: “Britain Needs ‘Innovation Districts'” by Akhila K Jayaram

RealClearWorld: “Biden Alienates Russia and China From Uranium Trade Relations” by Alex Little

National Review: “New Wyoming Dig Shows Limits of China’s Export Controls” by Jordan McGillis

DC Journal: “Republicans Must Rally to Avoid a Shutdown” by Daniel Elmore

ChalkboardNews: “States Should Let Parents Buy Legos, Ski Passes Using Education Savings Accounts” by Frances Floresca 

The Hill: “Expanding the Child Tax Credit Won’t Actually Help Poor Children” by Susannah Barnes

OC Register: “A Moral Argument for California Progressives to Drop Wealth Tax Proposals for Good” by Benjamin Ayanian

National Review: “Maine Moves to Stifle Conventional Views on Gender” by James Erwin

USA Today: “Voters of Color Aren’t Happy with Biden. But We’re Not Rushing to Trump’s Camp” by Isaac Willour

The National Interest: “American Troops in Iraq and Syria Have a Target on their Backs” by Robert Clarke

Washington Examiner: “Biden’s Patent Reform is a Handout to China” by Roy Matthews

Courier Journal: “Louisville’s Homelessness Crisis is Out of Control, Kentucky’s State Regulations Must Change” by Jacob Fox

The National Interest: “New Lithium Discoveries Can Secure America’s Clean Energy Future” by Joseph Bouchard

OC Register: “California Shoots Itself in the Foot, Again, With Restrictive Flavored Tobacco Policies” by David Mendoza

International Policy Digest: “How Taiwan Ignored China and Became a Model Democracy” by Pieter van Wingerden



Jill Jacobson on Fox News Video: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6345554705112

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