Powering Africa Is Empowering America (INTL POLICY DIGEST) – Jakob Puckett
Kick the eviction moratorium to the curb (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Abigail Hall-Blanco
How Corporate Tax Rules Hurt American Manufacturing (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Alex Muresianu
Don’t Let the Riots Legitimize Facial Recognition Tech *(THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Rachel Chiu
There is no ‘return to normalcy’ (AL JAZEERA) – Nate Hochman
The Federal Reserve Doesn’t Set Interest Rates (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Alex Salter
The U.S. Should Give Hong Kongers, Uighurs A Ticket To Freedom (THE FEDERALIST) – Aaron Tao & Amy Lutz
Guest opinion: Breaking up Big Tech won’t help free speech (DESERET NEWS) – Sean Michael Pigeon
Countering China in the Middle East (REAL CLEAR ENERGY) – Jakob Puckett
Eviction moratorium hurts women landlords like me (BUFFALO TIMES) – Jen Sidorova
Bitcoin May Be the New Gold (TOWNHALL) – Emilie Dye
Stop suspending driver licenses for unpaid court debt (SALT LAKE TRIBUNE) – Molly Davis


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