Anchorage Daily News: “Student Centered Funding Could Fix Alaska’s Educational System” by Sarah Montalbano

American Thinker: “ChatGPT Automated Propaganda” by Torben Halbe

National Review: “Congress Should Stop the IRS from Taxing ‘Phantom’ Income” by Travis Nix

RealClearMarkets:“Housing is Actually Less Affordable Today Than in 2020-21″ by Jeremiah Ludwig

The Spectator Australia: “Queensland’s Youth Crime Crisis: Cutting Through Palaszczuk’s Proposals” by Edmund Stephen 

The Washington Examiner: “Don’t Ban Teenagers from Social Media” by Caden Rosenbaum 

DC Journal: “Broadband Vouchers for Maine Expand Access on Budget” by Roy Mathews 

The American Spectator: “The British Free-Speech Slippery Slope has Become a Cliff” by Harrison Griffiths 

Citable: “The Doomsday Clock is a Terrible Metaphor for Climate Change” by Ethan Brown 

RealClearScience: “Three Questions Scientists Should Ask Before They Clone a Mammoth” by Zack Vucurevich 

The Topeka Capital-Journal: “Making the Case for a Flat Tax in Kansas — and Why Brownback’s Results Won’t be Repeated” by Ganon Evans

Daily Caller: “The ‘Secret Trade’ of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” by Neetu Arnold



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