Washington Examiner: “Religion belongs in public” by Alexander Salter

The Federalist: “What Does ‘The Science’ Say? It’s Getting Harder To Tell” by Stephen Zhou

The National Interest: “How China is Wooing the Muslim World” by Georgia Gilholy

Chalkboard Review: “School Choice Combats Mental Health Problems” by Cooper Conway

Connecticut Post “Flavor bans won’t fight tobacco or improve health” by Satya Marar

The Daily Bell: “What a band of Reddit investors taught us about institutions” by Scott Zipperle

Orange County Register: “Aggressive antitrust enforcement could kill contact-free delivery” by Kir Nuthi

Deseret News: “The key to lifting up blue-collar America is immigration” by Daniel Di Martino

Washington Examiner: “West Virginia is No. 1, and this time it’s for something good” by Nickie Deahl

Washington Examiner: “The Federal Reserve is a threat to self-governance” by Alexander Salter

The Washington Times: “Democrats’ counterrorism policy is the real terror” by Abigail Blanco

National Review: “Is Inflation Still a Thing?” by Alexander Salter

Free the People: “Biden Must Unclog the Immigration Backlog” by Nico Zviovich

Governing: “How State Policies Are Worsening Our Doctor Shortage” by Jacob Rich

RealClear Policy: “With Parler Back, Are We Sure Tech is a Monopoly?” by Eric Peterson

RealClear Policy: “The PRO Act Muddies Good-faith Collective Bargaining” by Rachel Chiu

RealClear Energy: “Now Is the Time for the GOP to Play Offense on Climate” by George Gemelas

Washington Examiner: “The problem with ‘doing something’” by Grayson Quay

Orange County Register: “California’s failed policies are crushing and driving out nonprofits” by Tahmineh Dehbozorgi

Washington Examiner: “The shocking economics of power and prices” by Alexander Salter

The National Interest: “Why Biden Must Prioritize North Korea Policy in His First 100 Days” by Gabriela Bernal

RealClear Education: “Getting Rid of the SAT Essay Won’t Help Anyone” by Steven Zhou

Washington Examiner: “Diversity training like Coca-Cola’s only fuels racism” by Sarah Weaver

The Daily Bell: “Let Cities Determine Their Own Energy Futures!” by Nico Zviovich

The Bulwark: “How Joe Biden and Merrick Garland Can Help States with Justice Reform” by Dan King

National Review: “Biden’s Stimulus Hurts Businesses. One Tax Tweak Can Change That” by Travis Nix

The Washington Times: “Republicans must block Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus package” by Nick Lindquist


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