STAT: “The U.S. Doesn’t Need a New ‘Essential Hospital’ Designation'” by Elise Amez-Droz

CapX: “Why Legalising Ecstacy Should Be a Drug Policy Priority” by Jack Rowlett 

Washington Examiner: “If Democrats Want to Find the Cause of Inflation, They Should Look in the Mirror” by Tyler Curtis 

RealClearEnergy: “Nord Stream 3? NATO Must Guard Against Russian Sabotage in Norway’s Pipeline Network” by Roy Matthews 

New York Daily News: “Why are NYC Young Republicans Already Endorsing Donald Trump?” by Grace Bydalek 

Sustainability Times: “Thrifting is One Way to Empower Young People About the Climate” by Alina Clough 

AIER: “Professors Are Not Priests of Democracy” by Garion Frankel

RealClearReligion: “Take It from an Ex-Mormon: The Church’s New Stance on Legal Gay Marriage is Misguided” by Quinn Townsend 

RealClearPolicy: “Social Security Needs Bipartisan Solutions” by Jack Salmon 

National Review: “‘Everything We Don’t Like is a Loophole’: Gun Controllers’ Mantra” by Cody Wisniewski

Orange County Register: “California Must Invest in Forest Management or Risk Squandering CO2 Reductions” by Kenneth Schrupp

American Thinker: “Congress Needs to Act on Wireless Spectrum Sales” by Eric Peterson 

RealClearPolicy: “We Need to Address the Real Barriers to Election Integrity” by Amanda Griffiths 

The Federalist: “Like Rail Workers, Truckers Feel the Pain of Predatory Systems” by Aadi Golchha

RealClearEnergy: “Cultivated Meat, Not Plant-Based Meat, is the Future of Environmentally Conscience Food” by Micah Safsten

Daily News: “Homeownership Has Become Impossible in Los Angeles. The Townhouse Might Be a Solution” by Thomas Irwin

C3 Solutions: “Overpopulation Isn’t the Issue. Saying So is Wrong and Damaging.” by Ethan Brown

CounterPunch: “Forget Moral Arguments. A Loss and Damage Fund is a Win for Americans” by Ethan Brown

Townhall: “Libertarians Should Take a Political Lesson from Donald Trump” by Mike Viola



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