The Wall Street Journal: “Recipients of Student-Loan Forgiveness Should at Least Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes” by Travis Nix

RealClearWorld: “Time to Reconsider Tariffs on Chinese Solar Equipment” by Aadi Golchha

RealClearPolicy: “The Stock Buyback Tax Will Hurt Investors, Retirees, and the Economy” by Travis Nix

RealClearMarkets: “Consumers Will Be the Winners From Amazon’s iRobot Purchase” by Caden Rosenbaum

Townhall: “No, Loan Forgiveness Won’t Solve the Student Debt Crisis” by Flavia Nunez

Townhall: “What Is the Scope of a Warrant?” by Leslie Corbly 

Lexington Herald Leader: “Other Places Have Shown that Bail Reform Need Not Come at the Cost of Public Safety” by Erinn Broadus

The Detroit News: “Authoritarian Regimes Are Exporting Repression. Will the West Stand Up?” by Kareem Rifai

RealClearEnergy: “You Can Have Your Yellowcake And Eat It Too: Nuclear Solves Climate And Economic Goals Simultaneously” by Benjamin Khoshbin

The Daily Bell: “A Recession Is Necessary, Though Unwelcome” by Eugene Ralph Jr.

CityAM: “It’s Time To Put An End To the Tory Leadership Contest” by Calum Paton 

International Policy Digest: “The FDA’s Anti-Tobacco Crusade Is Foolish and Un-American” by David McGarry 

Townhall: “The Pandemic Changed K-12 Education for Good” by Cooper Conway

The American Spectator: “Texas Democrats’ School Choice Stubbornness Will Be Their Undoing” by Garion Frankel

The National Interest: “Somaliland Can Help the US Win the New Cold War” by Alexander Jelloian

RealClearMarkets: “Competition Protects Consumers, Not Protection From Government” by Rachel Chiu

RealClearPolicy: “Honduras Conducts Bold Experiment in Economic Freedom” by Jason Reed

The Federalist: “How SCOTUS Rained On the Left’s Anti-Religious Legal Parade” by Rachel Chiu

RealClearEnergy: “What the Inflation Reduction Act Teaches the Environmental Movement” by Kelsey Grant

Adamah Media: “Easy Taxes” by Jack Rowlett

Daily Globe: “To Win the Next Election, Labour Must Return to the Core Principles of New Labour” by Scott Cresswell 

The New York Sun: “New York Took the Wrong Exit on the Road to Clean Energy” by Alina Clough

CounterPunch: “Time Is Running Out to Upgrade US Immigration Policy” by Aadi Golchha

RealClearEnergy: “How Bitcoin Mining Can Help Solve America’s Orphaned Well Problem” by Eric Peterson

Chalkboard Review: “Interested in Expanding Educational Freedom This Non-Profit Is Leading the Way.” by Garion Frankel

National Review: “Modernizing Monetary Theory” by Alexander Salter 

RealClearHistory: “Why College Prices Have Spiraled” by Kenneth Schrupp

Daily Globe: “The Strength of Liz Truss’s Economic Policy Is Clarity on the Message. Starmer Will Have To Meet the Challenge” by David Atkins

The American Conservative: “Sexual Neocons Inch Closer to Social Conservatism” by Austin Lamb


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