The National Interest: China is Bloodlessly Dominating the South Pacific” by Toph Cottle 

Washington Examiner: Nancy Pelosi snubs bipartisanship” by Albert Eisenberg

USA Today: “Special needs kids were abandoned during COVID. School mask mandates are another betrayal” by Garion Frankel 

Townhall:Have We Reached the End of Reason in Policymaking?” by Justin Begley 

The National Interest:Afghanistan Aside, Taiwan Can Still Count on the United States” by Sam Lewis

New York Daily News: De Blasio’s vaccine passport makes no sense” by Portia Berry-Kilby 

1828: Biden’s hypocrisy on women’s rights is plain to see” by Portia Berry-Kilby 

RealClearHealth:Most Americans Oppose Biden’s Prescription Drug Price Controls” by Kenneth Schrupp

RealClearMarkets:Leave Apple and Google Alone to Run Their App Stores” by Rachel Chiu 

1828:Turmoil in Australia reflects a failing Covid strategy” by Emilie Dye 

Heterodox Academy:Why People of Faith Should Be Leading the Charge for Religious Diversity” by Zach Rausch 

CapX:Scrapping the PCR stealth tax would give tourism a much-needed boost” by Bill Bowkett 

International Policy Digest:If Europe is Our Ally, it Should Put Pressure on Cuba” by Daniel Chang Contreras 

Washington Examiner:Repealing Section 230 could undermine the Second Amendment” by Gabriella Hoffman 

Townhall: The CDC Doesn’t Deserve Trust On Masks” by Sarah Montalbano 

Washington Examiner:Abolish teachers unions” by Garion Frankel

International Policy Digest:Humanitarian Aid Hurts Haiti” by Samuel Teixeira 

Conservative Home:Now that the UK has a firm place within the ASEAN bloc, it must stand up to China’s aggressive antics”  by Lettice Bromovsky 

Daily Globe: Sajid Javid will never win in this ludicrous Junior Vape Off” by Alys Watson Brown

Aerospace Tech Review:THE ECONOMICS OF ORBITAL CLUTTER” by Alexander William Salter

Colorado Politics:Feds encroach on state water rights” by Laura Williamson 
The American Spectator: Nancy Toasts, Chuck Sambas, and the Biden Administration Fatally Wounds Itself” by Albert Eisenberg 

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