Sanctuary ban ignores ICE history (THE GAZETTE) – Sam Peak

Where the YIMBYs Can Win (CITY LAB) – Nolan Gray

Let’s try work requirements for college financial aid (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Brad Polumbo

New NSA Director Could Turn Out to be a Reformer (AMERICAN SPECTATOR) – Dan King

Telling Dreamers to ‘get in line’ misses the mark  (DESERET NEWS) – Josh Smith

‘Common-sense gun control’ isn’t so simple (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Lindsay Marchello

Opening The Door Of Infrastructure With This Hidden Key (DAILY CALLER) – Alex Muriseanu

Government wants to regulate GMO’s (REAL CLEAR SCIENCE) – Tirzah Duren

Congress is as broken as it’s budget (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Jake Grant

Liberals aren’t successful at campus indoctrination (KIRBY WILBUR SHOW) – Brad Polumbo

North Korea & White House Correspondents Dinner drama (ON THE HILL) – Stephen Kent

MoviePass changes strategy ahead of summer blockbusters (WUSA 9) – Stephen Kent

The Macron-Trump bromance is on full display in DC (FOX 5 DC) – Bill Wirtz

Immigration and assimilation is possible (CIRCA TV) – Ryan Khurana

Congress needs to act on DACA (FOX 5 DC) – Will Nardi

Sometimes peace is on the horizon (FOX 5 DC) – Michael Shindler

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