Reason: “Satan Clubs Should be Allowed in Schools” by Garion Frankel

The Spectator World: “How the CDC Misled America about Vaccination Rates” by Elise Amez-Droz

Politics.co.uk: “Religious Freedom for All, Religious Privilege for None” by Harrison Griffiths 

1828: “Special Enterprise Zones Could be Edens of Economic Opportunity — Don’t Let Them Fall to the Original Sin of Cronyism” by John Devlin 

Mises Institute: “SVB’s Failure is Not an Excuse for More Regulation” by Tyler Curtis 

International Policy Digest: “This Wargame Shows there are No Winners in a War Over Taiwan” by Ryan Bercaw 

The Washington Examiner: “FTC Favors Competitors Over Competition in Fight Against Microsoft” by Rachel Chiu 

Orange County Register: “How Law Schools Can Restore Free Speech and Why they Must” by Charles Brandt 

RealClearScience: “AI Therapy is Here. But Oversight Isn’t.” by Kate Farmer 

International Policy Digest: “Lumping Vaping in with Smoking is Unscientific and Unhelpful” by Jason Reed 

Orange County Register: “Rideshare Drivers Want to Remain Independent Contractors. California Should Get Out of their Way.” by Gabriella Hoffman

The Center Square: “Universal Charitable Deduction Helps People Address Need in Their Own Backyard” by Carolyn Bolton

The Hill: “How Climate Activists Badly Missed the Mark on Willow Drilling Project” by Ethan Brown  

National Review: “The FTC is Making a Mistake by Trying to Stop Microsoft from Acquiring Activision” by Tahmineh Dehbozorgi

The American Mind: “Busting Anti-School Choice Myths” by Alexander Salter 

RealClearEnergy: “ChatGPT’s Carbon Footprint is an Opportunity for Ambitious Cities” by Cassandra Shand

Townhall: “Thoughts and Prayers are Better than Wrath and Ruin” by Tyler Cochran

CounterPunch: “America’s Rule of Law is Under Threat, No Matter What Happens in 2024” by Harrison Griffiths 

RealClearWorld: “Helping Ukrainians Rebuild” by Emily Schroen

Daily News: “Mayor Karen Bass Must Focus on Boosting Housing, Not Lamenting Some Vacant Apartments” by Thomas Irwin

CityAM: “If We Can Plan for Nuclear Reactors on the Moon, We Can Relax Planning Here in Britain” by Alex Petropoulos 



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