The Wall Street Journal: “A Biden Tax Proposal Would Help Nobody but Tax lawyers” by Travis Nix

The Detroit News: “Michigan Should Deregulate Energy Sector to Spark Innovation” by Lindsay Keiser 

The National Interest: “Neutrality is Over: Why Finland’s Future is With NATO” by Roy Matthews 

RealClearPolicy: “Censoring Online Pornography is a Slippery Slope for Free Speech” by Jason Reed

RealClearHistory: “Misinformation Isn’t new in US” by Caleb Franz

RealClearMarkets: “Carbon Pricing Is a Better Policy Than Climate Disclosure” by Kelsey Grant

International Policy Digest: “Cash Bail Leads to Jail Overcrowding – And That’s a Waste of Your Tax Dollars” by Jason Reed

The Spectator Australia: “Flawed Fuel Taxes Cost Us a Fortune” by Pavel Pfitzner 

The Federalist: “Subway Violence Shows Ills of ‘Social Justice’ Policing” by Grace Bydalek 

Chalkboard Review: “Republicans Should Support School Choice in Iowa” by Cooper Conway

The American Conservative: “Waging War on Obesity” by Kenneth Schrupp 

The Wall Street Journal: “Jesus a Socialist? That’s a Myth?” by Alexander Salter

InsideSources: “Bail Reform Is Good for Law and Order” by Jason Reed

Foundation for Economic Education: “3 Ways Markets Are Protecting Our Environment This Earth Day” by Kat Dwyer

Townhall: “Want to Make a Difference This Earth Day? Embrace Economic Freedom” by Jeff Luse

RealClearEnergy: “From Reek to Remedy, an Economical Energy and Climate Solution” by Roy Mathews 

The American Spectator: “CNN+ Is Another Sign of a Crumbling Legacy Media” by Jorge Velasco 

Free the People: “A Flavored Tobacco Ban in Colorado Would Harm Public Health and the Rule Of Law” by Jason Reed 

RealClearPolicy: “Don’t Mistake Crypto for a Community” by Ted Delicath

The Daily Bell: “How Economic Liberalization Helps the Poor and Stimulates Government Spending” by Gabriel Salazar Sing 

Reason: “Americans Want Change. Private Mints Are the Solution.” by Nicholas Anthony

CityAM: “Elon Musk’s Twitter Deal Will Spur on Efforts to Censor Online Speech – Not Halt Them” by Rachel Chiu 

CounterPunch: “The CDC is Right to End Title 42” by Agustin Forzani

The Detroit News: “Eliminate Cash Bail System to Stop Punishing the Poor” by Corey Walker 



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