The Wall Street Journal: “Congress Gave $80 Billion to a Lawless IRS” by Travis Nix

Newsweek: “The US Government Made a Peculiar Concession in Arizona v. Navajo Nation” by Ethan Brown

Fox News: “ChatGPT’s Aritificial Intelligence Can Produce Artificial Truth” by Rachel Chiu

International Policy Digest: “It’s Time for China to Cut Bait: Countering CCP Illegal Fishing” by Anne Lord 

American Thinker: “Stablecoins Don’t Need Bank to Be Stable” by Eric Peterson

The National Interest: “China’s Moon Base Bluster Is Just That” by Roy Mathews

C3 Solutions: “Alaska’s Big Bet on Carbon Capture” by Sarah Montalbano

Daily Caller: “GOP’s Energy Package Is Dead in the Water without Dem Support. Here’s a Possible Way Forward” by Benjamin Khoshbin

Mises Institute: “It Hurts to Pay for Strained China-USA Relations” by Parker McCumber 

C3 Solutions: “Regulations Halt the Willow Project, but They Also Hurt Clean Energy” by Elijah Gullett

RealClearBooks: “‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’ at 80” by Elizabeth Grace Matthew

1828: “To Fix Our Broken Rental Market, the Renters Reform Act Is Not Enough” by Calum Paton 

Comment Central: “International Aid Can Combat Chinese Imperialism” by Noah Khogali

The Federalist: “As Prop 22 Prevails, Gig Workers Escape Big Labor’s Boot” by Amanda Griffiths 

Sustainability Times: “The Best Hope for Conservation in the US Lies with Private Landowners” by Zack Vucurevich

Fayette Tribune: “The Future Is Bright in West Virginia” by Andrew Bambrick 

CounterPunch: “Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished, Not Expanded” by Benjamin Ayanian 

Townhall: “Expect More ‘Out-of-Touch’ Moments If ESG Proliferates” by Mike Viola

International Policy Digest: “NATO Hopes its Newest Space Initiative Can Stop Chinese Snooping” by Roy Mathews

National Review: “This Bureaucracy Is Slowing Down Government and Costing You Money” by Tyler Curtis 

Fox News: “I’m a Teacher Who Knows Loudoun County’s New Woke Bathroom Policy Threatens Student Safety” by Juliana Sweeny

Orange County Register: “The Unexpected Consequences of Tobacco Bans: Bonds, Taxes. Police, and More” by Sofia Hamilton

Idaho Ed News: “States Should Follow Idaho’s Lead on Public School Choice” by Cooper Conway



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