Townhall:INFORM Act Is All Pain, No Gain” by Satya Marar
Washington Examiner:Democrats Want to Subsidize the Rich and Make You Pay For It” by Travis Nix
Washington Examiner: How to Prevent Wildfires Without More Government Interference” by Hannah Downey
The National Interest:Could India’s Vaccine Diplomacy Displace China?” by Georgia Gilholy
National Review:A Global Minimum Tax Would Do Maximum Global Damage” by Tom Spencer
CounterPunch:Forced Patriotism is Un-American: Arkansas and the Anthem” by Abby Hall Blanco
CounterPunch: Don’t Make Consumer Freedom a Victim of Cancel Culture” by Katherine Revello
Conservatives Global:We Don’t Need State Meddling in the Digital Marketplace” by Jason Reed
Reason:There’s Nothing Modern About MMT” by Alexander Salter
The Washington Times:Protecting Charitable Donors from Harassment and Intimidation” by Rachel Chiu


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