Newt’s 5G hijinx highlights the importance of market-driven approach (TOWNHALL) – Casey Given

America’s COVID-19 pandemic response requires ‘certificate of need’ (CON) reform  (WASHINGTON TIMES) – Alex Muresianu

Vaping bans are bad for public health (REAL CLEAR HEALTH) – John Kristof

What America can teach the European Union about ensuring internet access during the Coronavirus (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – James Czerniawski

Ridiculous Red Bull lawsuit shows how stupid cases clog up court system (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Molly Davis

Red Tape Allowed COVID-19 to spread (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER) – Jason Prieb

America is an oil and gas superpower  (and then coronavirus and price wars happened) (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Jakob Puckett

Congress, note Michigan’s budgetary restraint (DETROIT NEWS) – Michael Rieger

Bernie’s out, and so is democratic socialism (AMERICAN SPECTATOR) – Christian Barnard

Federal Communications Commission helps ensure internet connectivity during COVID-19 crisis (WASHINGTON TIMES) – Patricia Patnode

My grandfather’s long battle against socialism ended by Coronavirus (PANAM POST) – Daniel Di Martino

Why civility is more important than ever in COVID-19 era (The TENNESSEAN) – Alexandra Hudson

Why social norms and etiquette matter during the Coronavirus pandemic (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Lexi Hudson

MAC rent strike is just role play (HYDE PARK HERALD) – Shaun Cammack

No, vapers are not at hire risk of catching COVID-19 (SPIKED) – Satyajeet Marar

One benefit of tort reform? Less pollution (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER) – Ross Marchand

Congress needs a way to vote remotely so lawmakers can avoid the coronavirus (USA TODAY) – Haley Victory Smith

Refugees are an asset, not a liability, in Germany’s coronavirus fight (THE NATIONAL INTEREST) – Fiona Harrigan






Commack On Anthony Fauci


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