The High Costs of Vaping Taxes (REAL CLEAR PUBLIC AFFAIRS) – Ross Marchand 
The Coronavirus and China’s Free-Speech Crisis (AMERICAN SPECTATOR) – Fiona Harrigan
To prosper, Africans must be free to innovate (BUSINESS INSIDER AFRICA) – Alex Hammond
#MeToo vs indie music (SPIKED!) – Shaun Cammack
The bizarre brilliance of Joaquin Phoenix (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Stephen Kent
It’s time to end taxes on savings accounts (GLENN BECK) – Connor Drigotas
Nurses unions have a bad idea for better healthcare (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Trace Mitchell & Elise Amez-Droz
Why has the US raised the smoking age? (SPIKED!) – Jacob Rich
Yes, an Independent Taiwan is in America’s National Interest (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Zach Yost
Term limits will drain the swamp and stop career politicians (WASHINGTON TIMES) – Connor Drigotas 
America Needs a Comprehensive Energy Strategy (REAL CLEAR ENERGY) – Jakob Puckett
On Child Care, the Democrats Have It All Wrong (THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Nate Hochman



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