‘Brave spaces’ are no answer to safe spaces (spiked) – Dan King

Why The Supreme Court Should Step Into This Gun Waiting Period Case (The Federalist) – Matthew Larosierre

Made in America with Neil Asbury, Millennials & tax reform (Radio America) – Hannah Bennett

Arkansas Universities Want to Be Able to Fire Professors Who Aren’t Collegial (Reason) – Lindsay Marchello

How entitlement programs ruined our politics (Washington Examiner) – Jerrod Laber

Americans Deserve a 21st Century Tax Code (Real Clear Policy) – Stephen Lusk

Even in space, competition brings out the best (Colorado Politics) – Al Downs

Direct democracy is not the answer to our political problems (Washington Examiner) – Jerrod Laber

The Triumph of the Latin American Mall (CityLab) – Nolan Gray

Bradley Polumbo on the right to carry on campus (NRATV) – Bradley Polumbo

Individual Mandate Repeal Spells Doom for Tax Reform (Real Clear Policy) – Bradley Polumbo

Fake feminism and the men we admire (Washington Examiner) – Adriana Vazquez

Antifa Wants ‘Bleeding Heart Libertarian’ Professor Fired. We’re Not Exactly Sure Why (Reason) – Dan King

Not Content Punishing its Own Students, RPI Goes After a Visitor (Reason) – Lindsay Marchello

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