The effort to ban ‘bump stocks’ is misinformed at best, dishonest at worst (Washington Examiner) – Matthew Larosiere

Johnson must support America’s Dreamers (WisPolitics) – Sam Dunkovich

Jumping on the anti-GMO bandwagon hits the poor the hardest  (CapX) – Tirzah Duren

Wisconsin Strikes Historic Cronyist Deal With Foxconn (RealClearPolicy) – Stephen Lusk

Not Even Lincoln Is Spared the Wrath of the Statue Topplers (Reason) – Lindsay Marchello

Indiana Court: You can have sex with teens, just don’t trade pictures ( – Dan King

Experts are usually right, but it’s okay to be skeptical on big policy questions (Washington Examiner) – Jerrod Laber

The Triumph of Marine Le Pen (American Conservative) – Bill Wirtz

Is Facebook ahead of Twitter when it comes to free speech? (Doc Thompson Show) – Liz Wolfe

Corbyn doesn’t get the gig economy (CapX) – Ryan Khurana

Huge Win for Privacy: Court Bans Use of This Crazy Spy Tool Without a Warrant ( – Dan King

Liz Wolfe of Young Voices joins Fox 5 DC to discuss sex work policy (The Final 5) – Liz Wolfe

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Nolan Gray breaks down big city zoning policy (Bold TV) – Nolan Gray

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