In Young Voices’ fall update for supporters, I outlined my network’s long-term vision of growing as a comprehensive, scalable nonprofit talent agency and public relations firm for liberty. Last year, we made investments on the comprehensive part, growing our program offers to include a podcast incubator, a virtual speakers bureau, and a terrestrial radio show. This year, we have already made investment on the scalable part, accepting our largest class of writers to our program, bringing our roster up to 60 total (including 12 outside the US).

Scaling up means more hands are needed on deck, and to that end we are excited to announce the addition of a new board member and two staffers — respectively, Kerry Hardy, Tahmineh Dehbozorgi, and Jason Reed. Learn more about each of them below!

Kerry Halferty Hardy has extensive experience in strategic communications, public affairs, and the nonprofit sectors, particularly in strategic planning and development. Currently consulting with her firm, Alcuin Advisors LTD, Kerry serves on the board of the Institute for Economic Studies Europe (IESE), the American Club of Paris, and is a voting member of the American Institute for Economic Education (AIER), and an advisor to the Competitive Enterprise Institute. We are thrilled to welcome Kerry to our Board of Directors help Young Voices strategize about our future.

Tahmineh Dehbozorgi recently graduated from UCLA with Honors majoring in Political Science, with a focus on International Relations and American Politics. She began her political career as a California State Chair at Young Americans for Liberty. Her areas of expertise include foreign policy, national security, higher education, and elections. Tahmineh won the Young Americans for Liberty Activist of the Year award in 2018 and the UCLA Chancellor’s Service Award in 2020. She will be starting on Monday as our first ever Public Relations Associate to help build on the successes of Young Voices on TV, radio, speaking engagements, and social media.

Jason Reed is a policy fellow with the Consumer Choice Center and a communications associate with the British Conservation Alliance. He was previously deputy editor of 1828 and has worked with the Adam Smith Institute, the Taxpayers’ Alliance, the Institute of Economic Affairs, and Students For Liberty. Jason will be managing the new British cohort of our Contributor Program as our UK Public Relations Manager, expanding our media relationships and reach across the pond

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